Welcome to the University of Helsinki! This year’s Finnish tutors are Eerika Roivas and Mikael De Meulder, and our international tutors are Emma Mannfors and Ilja Pippa (firstname.lastname (at) helsinki.fi). Contact them whenever you have any questions! 


Bachelor Students

Generally, in their freshman year, students take the four basic physics courses, as well as mathematical methods I and II (matemaattiset apuneuvot, Mapu) and Scientific Computing I. The astronomical basic studies courses start in the second quarter, with Tähtitieteen Perusteet I (Basics of Astronomy I). Most basic courses are lectured in Finnish, but it is always possible to answer exam questions in English. Many course books are also in English, and most professors speak good English. In addition to courses, it is recommended that students take the Basic Studies labs at the same time as the physics courses. 

Master's Students

Master’s students should refer to the list of courses that are required for their major, for example Astrophysical Sciences or Particle Physics and Cosmology. Please note that not all courses will be lectured every year.

Useful links

Related to studying and the university

Faculty of Science Study pages
Official information about studying in University of Helsinki, including for example new students guide.
Here you can sign up for courses and check out the study guides, as well as see and order your transcript. 
Contains info and useful documents related to the university. 
Many courses have their materials on Moodle.
Webmail for @helsinki.fi email accounts
The library’s site, through which you can search for books and documents. 
Help in case of IT problems. 

Student organizations

Several of the smaller organizations, such as Geysir (Geophysics), Synop (Meteorology), and Vasara (Geology) don't have English language pages but interested students can contact board members at the student room or Kumpula's science bazaar. Related organizations with website in English are listed below.

The organization for physical sciences. Resonanssi’s English language pages have lots of info for international students including an exchange student survival guide.
The organization for CS students. 
The organization for math students
Helsingin Yliopiston Kemistit (HYK)
The organization for chemistry students
The student organization for all of Kumpula. 
Kumpula Science International (KSI)
The organization for international students and staff at Kumpula Campus.

Other useful sites

Helsinki Regional Transport
Bus schedules around the helsinki metropolitan area.
The lunch provider at Kumpula campus.